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Advanced manufacturing support

Rapitypes is a highly resourced new product development company offering multidisciplinary support to private commercial organisations, academic institutions and the public sector.

From CNC machining services, low volume and rapid prototyping, to reaction injection moulding (RIM), Rapitypes produces quality tooling at highly competitive rates and reduced lead times.

We can produce working prototypes and functional high quality models for presentations, advertising publicity and even film props. From the initial ideas generation to the delivery of complete working systems, the company provides a wide spectrum of supporting activities to clients in automotive, marine, defence, industrial, medical, and general products.

With a design facility that boasts comprehensive metrology facilities including CNC machines, Rapitypes serves a worldwide client base with high quality products for physical testing, verification and production. We offer one off batch CNC machining services, rapid product prototyping and assembly, in-mould painted RIM polyurethane housings and a large array of low volume production parts and prototypes.

If a product is to satisfy its target customer it must intrigue and delight. But to do so it must also be fit-for-purpose and well made. Rapitypes provides the right combination of development engineering and pre-production rapid prototyping.

So whatever your needs our engineers and development team can offer a full range of prototyping using CNC machining services, reaction injection moulding and rapid tooling. We manufacture our own patterns for vacuum forming and prototypes can be supplied primed, painted and ready for production.

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